Broadcaster how-to doc: How to use music in your farmer program

| July 13, 2015

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When you think about your farmer radio program, you probably think mostly about information and discussion. Your farmer program should provide farmers with the information they need. It should also provide farmers with opportunity to speak and be heard.

But music can also be important in your farmer program. Here’s why:

  • Farmers listen both for informationand for emotional connection. Music can provide a lot of that emotional connection.
  • Farmers like a regular sound that tells them that something important is about to happen. Music can provide that sound.
  • Farmers can get tired of endless talk. Music can break it up.
  • Talk can put an important thought in a farmer’s head. Music can help that thought take root.
  • Farmers like to hear sounds that reflect their lives. Local music plays a big part in the lives of many farmers.
  • Some songs have lyrics with important messages for farmers.
  • Sometimes you need to convey complex information, such as ingredients or a sequence of steps. Give that information a tune and it will be more easily remembered.

Music can help make your farmer program more effective. But it must be the right kind of music, and played at the right time. This broadcaster how-to document offers some tips for using music in your farmer program.