Broadcaster how-to doc: An introduction to value chains

| September 21, 2015

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This document is an introduction to value chains. It is not meant to be adapted for broadcast. Rather, it is written to help broadcasters understand how value chains work. The how-to doc:

  • defines key terms
  • gives examples of value chains
  • discusses why it’s important for farmers to think of themselves as part of a value chain
  • lists the potential benefits of value chains
  • talks about different strategies farmers can follow to improve or “upgrade” their involvement with value chains

With a better understanding of how value chains work, broadcasters can better serve their farmer audiences.

This how-to doc is written from the perspective of the small-scale farmer. As a broadcaster, your role is to present information about value chains and the potential benefits of improving these farmers’ involvement with value chains. Radio can present value chain success stories, encourage discussion on how value chains can benefit farmers, and act as a source of information about value chains.

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