Broadcast how-to doc: Mobile payment systems

| February 15, 2016

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Mobile payment systems are services offered by mobile phone companies which allow subscribers to conduct monetary transactions with their phone’s SIM cards.

But it’s not just customers, or people who want to purchase a service, who can benefit from mobile payment systems.

Here are some of the many ways that mobile payment systems can help radio broadcasters serve their audiences more effectively and create better programming:

  • Listeners can pay with their phones for services offered on a program, for example, greetings, product mentions, and special announcements.
  • Listeners can make donations towards a station’s operating costs, for example, the cost of transportation to communities, and program production.
  • Broadcasters can send airtime to listeners as a gift for participating in quizzes and other forms of audience engagement.
  • Stations can buy airtime for phone-out segments, for example, calling experts or farmers, or convening conference calls.
  • Broadcasters can produce better Market Information Services.Sellers can advertise their products on the radio, and buyers can use mobile payment systems to purchase their services or products.
  • Farmers, traders, input dealers, and others can use mobile payment systems to pay for programs to announce their names and contact details. This helps link sellers with buyers.

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