Angles, interviews, and sources from 24 Hours in a Newsroom

| January 9, 2017

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Angles, interviews, and sources are three essential elements to pay careful attention to if you want to ensure that your broadcast will be informative. You can’t talk about everything on your radio program, and choosing an angle helps you to focus your discussion or news item so that listeners understand the essential information. It’s a good idea to choose your angle before you conduct your interviews so that you can ask more targeted questions. But how do you choose your angle?

24 Hours in a Newsroom has some great suggestions in their tip sheets:

Also review their tip sheet on sources and fact-checking:

When you’re searching for news stories—or new ideas—it’s important to be confident that your information is 100% correct. This is also true about the information you broadcast from interviews.

Conducting good interviews—including asking the right questions—will provide you with interesting and informative stories to broadcast. Learn tips for preparing yourself and your list of questions: