A guide to help protect newsrooms and journalists against online violence

| October 17, 2022

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Newsrooms, no matter how big or small, must deal with online violence and harassment. Affected journalists often do not speak out because they are afraid of negatively impacting their careers. Women journalists and other marginalized people in newsrooms are often most affected by online harassment. 

Newsroom managers are noticing how online violence is affecting their employees and creating new policies and practices to protect journalists.

A new guide created by the International Women’s Media Foundation includes guidelines to help protect staff. The guide covers the following information:

  • How to raise awareness about online abuse in the newsroom 
  • How to make a staff survey to report cases of online abuse
  • Digital safety and keeping staff data protected
  • Policies to support your staff against online abuse
  • And more!

For more details and to access free templates, go to: IWMF-Guide-to-Protecting-Newsrooms-And-Journalists-Against-Online-Violence.pdf