World Radio Day 2017: Radio is YOU! Uliza poll

| February 6, 2017

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World Radio Day is celebrated on Feb. 13, and this year’s theme is “Radio is YOU!”

Want to know more about your listeners? Farm Radio International and UNESCO are offering broadcasters the opportunity to poll their audience—and to share the results with the world. The Radio is you! Uliza poll will ask radio lovers how and why they tune in, what they are interested in, how they interact with the radio station, and how radio has impacted them.

Farm Radio International’s Uliza technology uses simple phone calls to gather poll results and give callers the opportunity to record an audio message, which broadcasters can then preview, download, and share on air.

To participate in an Uliza poll, listeners simply press buttons on their phone to indicate their choices. Uliza makes it easy for broadcasters to conduct mobile polls in their local language and gather the opinions of their listeners, which they can then share over the airwaves.

Broadcasters have used Uliza in several countries, although it is not yet globally available. However, FRI is working to bring Uliza to more radio stations in the near future! Sign up here to participate in the World Radio Day listener poll and you will receive early access to Uliza.

Share the poll on air so that your listeners can participate. FRI will provide participating broadcasters with a package that includes a promo script and a designated phone number that listeners can call to participate in the poll. When listeners call the number, they will be asked five short questions—including an open-ended question that allows them to record a voice response. You can share the results—and the recorded messages from participants—on your World Radio Day broadcast.

There are two ways to participate in the Uliza poll—and it’s free:

1. In countries where FRI has an office (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, Tanzania, Uganda), FRI will support broadcasters to record the poll questions in their own language. You will be given access to Uliza and a local number to announce on air. Sign up to get in contact with your local Farm Radio International office:

2. Other African broadcasters—and broadcasters from around the world—can sign up to receive early access to Uliza. FRI will send you a promotional script which explains how your listeners can participate and includes the poll questions, as well as the international poll phone number. The international poll will be offered in seven languages. Sign up here to receive our Radio is You! Uliza poll package:

Everyone who signs up will receive ideas on developing a World Radio Day broadcast to share the poll results and create a fun and interactive radio program. You will be one of the first to see the power of Uliza. Sign up by clicking here:

The Farm Radio International Hangar team (FRI’s Radio and ICT innovation lab) will be in touch to take you through the next steps!

Planning a special World Radio Day broadcast? Check out these ideas and resources from UNESCO:

And get more ideas from Farm Radio International when you sign up to participate in the World Radio Day listener poll at