World Day to Combat Desertification

    | June 16, 2014

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    The United Nations’ Convention to Combat Desertification, or UNCCD, has designated June 17 as the World Day to Combat Desertification. The Day is a unique opportunity to remind everyone that desertification can be tackled, that solutions are possible, and that strengthened community participation and co-operation at all levels is key to these goals.

    The theme for 2014 is “Land Belongs to the Future, Let’s Climate Proof It.” The Day is designed to encourage people across the world to consider ecosystem-based adaptation. It features events and activities which focus on the benefits of incorporating sustainable land management policies and practices into our collective response to climate change.

    People are invited to organize events to celebrate the Day, thereby increasing awareness and participation.

    For more information about the Day, resources, events and awareness-raising materials, go to the UNCCD website:

    Farm Radio International produced a resource pack, Climate change and more (FRRP #84) in April 2008. It contains several scripts which you can use in your farmer programming to raise awareness in your listening community, including Changing farming production in Africa to adapt to climate change ( and Forests shall heal the land ( You are welcome to read though the items online, or download the Pack from our website. Go to this address:

    The Long dry season: A tale of resourcefulness and greed (FRRP #77, March 2006) is an entertaining and powerful 13-part serial drama on the same subject, focusing on desertification in northern Nigeria. It is available at: