Soaps and Society: course on making broadcast drama

    | December 20, 2010

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    The Radio Netherlands Training Centre (RNTC) is offering a 12 week course on producing serial dramas for broadcast. The course is aimed at mid-career writers and program-makers, and will increase their capacity to write and produce broadcast serial dramas which help raise awareness and change attitudes on key development issues which affect their societies.

    “Soaps,” or long-running serial dramas, can educate and engage an audience, and help change attitudes. Some of the problems facing societies around the world today require this change of attitude and behaviour − health and environmental issues are good examples. 

    The course will cover radio and television broadcast; participants will “learn by doing.” They will be taught how to develop story lines. Participants will meet program-makers and scriptwriters who have used drama to explore key issues and promote attitude change.

    Applicants need:

    -at least three years work experience in the media;

    -an employer who supports participation;

    – secondary education and professional education or training in media;

    -experience in working with computers; and

    -sufficient speaking and writing skills in English (the course language).

    A number of fellowships are available to help cover costs. You can apply for fellowships online until 1st February 2011. Applications must reach RNTC by 1st January 2011.For more details and the full application procedure, visit: