Reporting on Africa-China partnerships in agriculture

| July 3, 2017

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The relationship between China and many African countries have developed quickly over the past two decades, affecting agriculture, industry, and sustainable development. The media can play a key role in investigating and debating the nature and impact of these relationships.

The Wits Africa-China Reporting Project and the Oxfam Africa-China Dialogue Platform wish to examine these relationships through a workshop, to be held in August in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The workshop will focus on the agriculture and manufacturing sectors. Journalists from Africa and China are invited to attend in order to learn and strengthen skills for reporting on Africa-China partnerships, particularly:

  • Does Africa-China cooperation help impoverished African communities to overcome poverty?
  • What is the impact of Africa-China agricultural engagements on food security in Africa? What is the evidence?
  • How is the Africa-China industrialization program being implemented in Africa from one country to another, and from one community to another?
  • Are there any links between completed and ongoing projects and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?

About 20 journalists from Africa and China will be invited to attend the three-day workshop in Addis. Selected journalists will be provided with return airfare to Addis, as well as accommodation and catering.

Journalists should apply by July 18. The application should be sent via email, and include a CV, writing samples, and a reporting proposal.

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