October 16, 2008: World Foodless Day

    | October 13, 2008

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    The Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP) and the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS) is organizing World Foodless Day activities to coincide with the UN-designated World Food Day on October 16.

    The organizers of World Foodless Day say that, for decades, people’s movements have called for agrarian reform; local markets; the right to adequate, nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate food; greater access to land and productive resources for women; an agro-ecological approach to food production; and the right of communities and peoples to decide on the food and agriculture policies which affect them. But these voices have not been heard.

    The objectives of World Foodless Day are: to create public awareness and raise media attention on the root causes of the food crisis; organize meetings with government officials, opinion makers and leaders and provide policy recommendations; organize activities to raise people’s voices against economic policies that are harmful to farmers and the poor; and highlight people’s recommendations to respond to the world food crisis.

    PAN AP has posted background documents on the root causes of the food crisis on their website:
    -The politics of hunger: When policies and markets fail the poor: http://www.panap-files.net/resources/wfd_resm_politics_contents.pdf
    -The global food crisis: Hype and reality: http://www.panap-files.net/resources/wfd_resm_globalfoodcrisis.pdf

    To find out more about World Foodless Day events in your region contact PAN AP at panap@panap.net, or PCFS at secretariat@foodsov.org