Join our discussion on gender equality

| February 7, 2022

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Women and men, boys and girls all play an important role in sustainable development, whether it’s at the household or community level, whether it’s generating income, supporting good health, or adapting to climate change. Join our four-week online discussion about positive masculinities, and how everybody can contribute to a more equal, sustainable, prosperous world. 

The discussion will start Feb. 21. Join other radio broadcasters from across Africa, as well as gender equality specialists, to share your experiences and questions and to learn from others. We hope this discussion will help you better understand gender equality, positive masculinities, and how you can plan programs that engage men and women in these issues. 

The English-language discussion will take place on our online learning platform: 

For those who have difficulty accessing the platform, you can join our WhatsApp group: 

The French-language discussion will take place in a Telegram group: 

What are positive masculinities? 

Positive masculinities help to address harmful stereotypes about the “appropriate” behavior, roles, and attitudes for men as individuals, in their households, and in their communities. 

Positive masculinities can: 

  • Contribute to improved family relationships and bonds,
  • Improve mental health for men and women,
  • Contribute to more vibrant communities where responsibilities and benefits are shared between men and women,
  • And more.

We hope you will join us for another vibrant, interesting, and important discussion.