Call for applications: Earth Journalism Network reporting grants 

| May 11, 2015

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The Earth Journalism Network (EJN) empowers and enables journalists from developing countries to cover environmental issues more effectively by building local networks of environmental journalists and helping these journalists respond to the needs of their communities.

Journalists who report on the environment or who are interested in strengthening their news community may apply to the Earth Journalism Grants Fund. EJN designed this fund to create and improve the capacity of journalism organizations which report on the effects of climate change on human beings.

According to EJN, women, youth, and indigenous communities are often most vulnerable to the changing climate, and typically have the least influence on how to respond to climate risks. Despite bearing the least responsibility for accelerating climate change, they often have the most at stake.

Submitted projects should have a strong focus on climate change, paying particular attention to how climate change affects these vulnerable and marginalized communities.

There are five grants available, for a total of $50,000 U.S.

The deadline for applications is May 15, 2015.

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