Applications open for UNESCO photography contest on the safety of female journalists

| January 18, 2021

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UNESCO is inviting photographers to submit photo showing female journalists in situations that threaten their safety. The contest aims to show the gender-specific risks of being a female journalist, including violence and harassment.

Applications must include a maximum of 12 photographs. All photographs should be in colour with a minimum resolution of 350 dpi and a minimum size of A4. Each photo should have a caption in English or French which describes the place, time, and subject of the image. All photos should focus primarily on female journalists.

Submissions should show female journalists working in a variety of situations, including conflict zones, protests, corruption investigations, in protected vehicles or with protection, or dealing with online safety or threats.

Photographers are encouraged to submit images of female journalists of different ethnicities, ages, and physical abilities. All images must maintain dignity and respect for the journalists.

Winners will be selected based on the artistic content, creativity, and originality of their photographs. The deadline to apply is midnight CET on January 18, 2021.

To make a submission, email and