AFSA Africa Agroecology Awards

| August 29, 2021

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On August 9, 2021, The Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa (AFSA) announced the inaugural AFSA Africa Agroecology Awards, inviting submissions from AFSA member networks and affiliates. In following years, AFSA hopes to broaden the award, make it more accessible to the African public, and establish it as the premier location for honouring African movements fighting for food sovereignty and agroecology in Africa.

This year, the Africa Agroecology Awards will honour the best agroecology leaders and initiatives in seven categories. The awards will be presented to exceptional leaders, groups, and initiatives that have made a significant impact on scaling up agroecology in Africa and advancing food sovereignty by influencing practices, laws, policies, businesses, institutions, and the media.

The seven categories for the AFSA Africa Agroecology Award 2021 are:

  1. Best Local Government in Agroecology Award
  2. Best Youth-led Agroecology Project Award
  3. Best Women-led Agroecology Project Award
  4. Best Agroecology Entrepreneurship Award
  5. Best Civil Society Organization for Agroecology Award
  6. Best Academic/Agricultural Research Institute for Agroecology Award
  7. Best Journalist in Agroecology Reporting Award

AFSA has been in the forefront of the fight for food sovereignty in Africa by promoting agroecology as a solution to a just, resilient, healthy, and sustainable food system that feeds the world while simultaneously fixing the climate and biodiversity crises.

Dr. Million Belay, General Coordinator of AFSA, said: “Our members in 50 African nations, working with 200 million small-scale food producers, have proven that agroecology works and that it is the best solution to a healthy food system and resilient future. The first AFSA Africa Agroecology Award intends to spotlight those African heroes and grassroots organizations who have debunked the notion that small-scale farmers and agroecology cannot feed the world.”

AFSA has established stringent evaluation standards and weighing metrics to assess candidates against the three pillars of agroecology as a science, practice, and movement. As a result, the winners in each category will demonstrate how effective agroecology initiatives improve the lives and livelihoods of millions of small-scale food producers, consumers, and the environment.

The call for applications will be open until August 29, 2021, and the winners will be announced at a virtual ceremony on October 14, 2021.

The guidelines for eligibility requirements are available at

Send nomination forms and inquiries to