African fact-checking award

| May 26, 2023

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Print, broadcast, and online journalists whose works held public figures accountable can compete for cash prizes from Africa Check.

Works must be original pieces of fact-checking journalism first published or broadcast between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023 by a media house based in Africa. Entries may have been published or broadcast in French or English.

The categories are:

  • fact-check of the year by a working journalist,
  • fact-check of the year by a professional fact-checker, and
  • fact-check of the year by a student.

The working journalist and fact-checkers will receive $3,000 US, while the runners-up will be awarded $1,500 US. The student journalist winner will receive $2,000 US and the runner-up $1,000 US.

The deadline to apply is June 30.

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