Uganda: Burundians pour into country to escape insecurity and cholera

| June 15, 2015

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Ugandan officials are struggling to cope with the hundreds of Burundian refugees arriving in the country every day. The refugees are escaping insecurity in Burundi and dire living conditions in Tanzania.

By the beginning of June, over 7,500 Burundian refugees, mostly women and children, had arrived in Uganda via Rwanda and Tanzania.

Walter Omondi is the southwestern refugee desk officer with the Ugandan Office of the Prime Minister. He says: “The cholera outbreak and worsening sanitation conditions in some of the refugee settlements in Tanzania have forced thousands of the Burundian refugees to cross into Uganda … We need more facilities and infrastructure at the reception centres and refugee resettlements to improve sanitation as the numbers continue to increase.”

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Photo: Burundian refugees line up to be registered in Nakivale refugee settlement in western Uganda. Credit: Colleb Mugume/IRIN