Lesotho: Drought devastates farmers while water is exported to South Africa (The Independent)

| August 22, 2016

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Farmers in Lesotho are experiencing food insecurity because of drought, despite the country having the second largest dam in Africa.

Lesotho was once known as the “Water Castle” for South Africa, because of the large Katse Dam. Much of this water is exported to South Africa, and Lesotho farmers are paying the price.

Crops are failing because of erratic rainfall. But farmers say they could increase yields by using water from the Katse Dam for irrigation. The dam is depleted more than usual, but still half full.

Mohlakoane Molise is a 65-year-old farmer. His annual harvest for 2016 filled just two large sacks, compared to the usual dozen. He said, “I am very angry about that water, because it could benefit us; we could use it to water the crops when there is drought. But that’s not happening.”

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Photo credit: AFP/Getty Images