Radio for Development ecourse underway

| October 13, 2023

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This week is the third of our 10-week Radio for Development ecourse, and participants are learning about radio program design. A regular radio program for rural people needs to have a regular design. That is, each episode should follow a predictable pattern from start to finish. This week, learners will create the design of their program.

Our first weeks introduced learners to each other and addressed how to know your audience. Follow our self-guided learning module on this topic. Future weeks will cover audience research, deep-rooted issues, story-telling, information interviews, gender equality, and more. 

We have more than 300 participants in the course, including about 250 following the course in English. These learners will be supported by more than 35 mentors—experienced radio broadcasters who will provide feedback on the three assignments of the course. They are supported by two facilitators: Busi Ngcebetsha and Patience Mawere.

This course is a revised version of our Farmer program ecourse, which was last offered in 2021, and brought together more than 300 men and women broadcasters. That was our first time offering the course in French.

The revised ecourse addresses good radio practices for programs addressing rural development issues, such as agriculture, environment, health, youth, gender equality, and more. 

The 2023 course is being offered thanks to support from the Government of Canada.