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| January 18, 2024

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This is How I is a podcast produced by Farm Radio International and its network to share tips for radio production and good broadcasting skills. Each episode is contributed by a broadcaster from our network. In recent months, we’ve received a few very interesting episodes. 

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This is How I … produce a radio documentary with a clear focus

Several of our radio partners have been producing radio documentaries as part of our NBS project, and even participated in training on this radio format. This episode was prepared by Tigist Abeba from Amhara Media Corporate in Ethiopia. It is about how to create an outline for a radio documentary to ensure a clear focus.

This is How I … use sound effects

Background sound, wild sound, sound effects … they all contribute to the audio story you are telling. They are particularly important when you are developing a radio documentary, as they help the listener be fully immersed in the story. This episode is about using sound effects particularly in a radio documentary. It was prepared by Mathewos Feleke from Wolita Fana in Ethiopia.

This is How I … get high numbers of Uliza interactions. 

This episode is about how to encourage listeners to interact with your radio program. Many of our radio partners have used our Uliza interactive service to poll listeners. Joe Vandross Ondia of WestNile in Uganda explains how he has managed to get high numbers of Uliza poll interactions.

This is How I … attract women listeners

We often want to ensure our programs are reaching both men and women listeners. But not all listeners have the same needs and interests – including the time of day they can tune in! In this episode, Nangonzi Christine Lynn from 103.3 FM Radio 4 in Uganda, explains how she attracts women listeners to tune in to her program.

This is How I … ensure women are included in my program

When developing an episode, we often want to ensure that both men and women have an opportunity to express themselves, whether during the call-in segment, as part of vox pops, or other opportunities. It can sometimes be challenging to hear from women, for various reasons. In this episode, Julieth Muunga from Radio Maria Tanzania shares how she ensures women are included in each episode of her program.

This is How I … engage men on gender equality

Gender equality issues cannot just be relegated to the women’s program. Men play a key role in achieving gender equality. This episode is about how to engage men on gender equality issues and is prepared by Rabi Gyang of Plateau Radio Television Corporation in Nigeria.

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