Celebrating our 300+ active radio partners

| December 8, 2023

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Our broadcasting partners are members of a network of more than 1,300 radio stations across Africa who produce development programming for rural audiences. Farm Radio International aims to support our broadcasting partners to produce more and better quality development programming by offering a range of resources, services, and opportunities. 

We recognize that it takes time and effort to participate in these opportunities and we would like to recognize the most active of our radio partners. We currently have more than 380 active radio partners at the one-mic, two-mic, or three-mic level. These active partners have recently been awarded certificates in recognition of their active participation. 

One-mic members are actively engaged, participating in at least two Farm Radio activities over the past few years. 

Two-mic members have had the opportunity to work more closely with Farm Radio, on an impact project or Green Leaf Magazine, by winning a Farm Radio award, or by completing the Farmer program e-course.

Three-mic members are the most actively engaged, having participated in several Farm Radio opportunities, as well as multiple high engagement activities: impact programming, Green Leaf Magazine, Farmer program e-course, or winner of FRI award. 

We will continue to track participation in Farm Radio opportunities and services and recognize active partners regularly by awarding certificates. More active partners may be invited to participate in certain special opportunities in the near future. So we encourage all of you to participate in the variety of activities offered by Farm Radio! You can:

  • Participate in an online discussion (via our WhatsApp groups and online platform)
  • Complete the online learning modules to earn a certificate (new module on gender equality now available!)
  • Register for our e-course (new course date to be announced soon!)
  • Use our radio resources (Barza Wire and Scripts) – Check out our resources on gender equality for International Women’s Day
  • Complete the Quality Assessment Framework
  • Fill out the annual survey 
  • Submit an episode for the This is How I… podcast
  • …and more! 

Thank you for being a member of Farm Radio’s network. We hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities to help you improve the quality and quantity of your development radio programming.