Past FRW stories of women in agriculture

| March 3, 2008

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Through our first 12 issues of FRW, we have “met” many innovative and groundbreaking women in agriculture. As International Women’s Day approaches, you may wish to reacquaint yourselves – and your audience – with some of these farmers, traders, and entrepreneurs.

Jessica Nanyunja, a nutritionist who created a business by realizing the value of discarded egg shells:
Uganda: Egg shells can be a source of calcium – and profit (The Monitor)

Margaret Nakyejjwe, who broke tradition and took charge of her role in the fishing industry by purchasing her own boat:
Uganda: Women fishers break traditions (New Vision)

Women’s groups in remote villages of eastern Uganda who invested in a new technology that saves time and increases profit:
Uganda: Groundnut sheller saves time, boosts profits (New Vision and Agroinnovations Podcast)

Phoebe Mbasounn, also known as Madame Cassava, who uses her cell phone and the Internet to get the best price for her product:
Africa: Cell phones help farmers and traders do business more efficiently (Farm Radio Weekly and

Women seed traders in Mali whose knowledge of locally-adapted sorghum and millet varieties plays a vital role in local agricultural systems:
Mali: Women traders play crucial role in providing locally adapted seeds (International Food Policy Research Institute)

Phillipina Ndamane, a pensioner who grows vegetables in a community garden to help support herself, her sister, and nine grandchildren and orphans:
South Africa: Community gardens help women farmers maintain their independence (