Mali: The first steps of a new agricultural business (Agribusiness TV)

| August 15, 2016

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Abdoulaye Coulibaly stands in his field of rice in Chango, two kilometres from N’Débougou in northern Mali, surrounded by green fields. Mr. Coulibaly’s field covers four hectares. It’s the rainy season, and he is growing rice, but he will grow vegetables in the dry season.

The 25-year-old studied finance and enterprise management in Morocco, and returned to Mali to put his business skills to use in the field.

He says, “I have a passion for this job because I know it is profitable, and I am convinced that agriculture can be a source for African development, in particular in Mali, which has huge agricultural potential.”

Mr. Coulibaly grew up on a farm, and was involved in agricultural work from a young age, so he understands the investment opportunities farming can provide.

He adds: “I started last year and now things have started to move. For me, it’s like a business. I have a salary and I have employees. I pay most of them by the task. But I have two permanent employees who manage my work on my farm.”

Mr. Coulibaly sees agriculture as both useful employment and an opportunity to apply his entrepreneurial spirit. He says, “I invite all the youth who are into gangs and are drinking tea … I invite them to invest in the agricultural sector because it’s through it that we will develop Mali.”

Amadou Boye Coulibaly is Abdoulaye’s father, and he is proud of his son. He says Abdoulaye already has all the tools to succeed as a farmer because he knows how to read and write. He explains: “For example, if you want to produce okra, you can just go on the Internet or to research institutes and get technical guides on okra for its agricultural practices and where to market it locally or in other regions.” He says there are many resources available to support agriculture, fish farming, and raising poultry.

It is this resourcefulness that has helped young Mr. Coulibaly launch a successful farming business.

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