Kenyan farmers participate in on-farm research

    | September 16, 2013

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    Welcome to Farm Radio Weekly. In issue #260, we bring you two articles from Kenya about research conducted with farmers in the Katangi District of Eastern Province, about 100 kilometres east of Nairobi.

    The motivation for the research is simple: climate change, regional drought, famine, and chronic food insecurity are forcing farmers to innovate or suffer the consequences.

    The ongoing project is being implemented by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and Canada’s McGill University in partnership with, among others, the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture. The project is funded by the Canadian International Food Security Research Fund, a program of Canada’s International Development Research Centre, undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada.

    Farm Radio Weekly is delighted that our very own Sawa Pius was invited to cover the activities that local farmers are undertaking in the project, and we are pleased to present his work in this issue. There will be more stories from this project in coming issues.

    September 21 is the International Day of Peace. Let’s all join together and try to spread the message. You can read more about the Day in the event section.

    Give peace a chance.

    -the Farm Radio Weekly team