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    | February 21, 2011

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    After our short publishing break, we are happy to welcome a number of new subscribers: Merline Yoyo Fankou Dougoua from the Faculté des sciences de l’Université de Yaoundé in Cameroon; Joanitah Birungi from Your Farm Uganda, in Uganda; Jacques Saintelus from 4VEH Radio – Living Hope Mission in Haiti; Robert Chaciga Baguma from Straight Talk Foundation in Uganda; Rodrigue Zinsalo from Agriculture qui sauve in Benin; Marcel Ramahavita from Ministère de la Population et des Affaires Sociales à Madagascar in Madagascar; Patrice Kiziba Yafali from Radio Mutanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Jean Pierre Kentsa from Kristagi in Cameroon; Pauline Kalumikiza from Farm Radio Malawi in Malawi and Sevor Mawuli Kodzo Ericson from Ohawu Agric College in Ghana.

    We are pleased to bring you two new stories this week, written especially for Farm Radio Weekly.

    From Congo-Brazzaville, we hear how an unusual form of transport enables farmers to reach markets, and therefore produce and sell more. Farmers and traders use the motorcycle-wheelbarrow to carry heavy loads to market along difficult roads in this forested region.

    Our second story is from Madagascar. In this country, some farmers have begun to store their crops in solidly-built granaries. They pay a small maintenance fee, but many no longer have to buy rice during the lean period. Instead, they sell it for a good price.

    In our action section, we hear from colleagues in Ivory Coast about how the recent political crisis has affected radio stations. Some stations are playing a role in the situation, broadcasting information and responding to events.

    We are still keen to hear about the most interesting interview you did last year. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we plan to share broadcasters’ practices, stories and experiences. We’d love to hear about a memorable interview, or a story of how you coped when things went wrong. Tell us who the interviewee was and why the interview was so interesting. Did they evade questions? Talk too much? Give controversial or surprising opinions? We look forward to hearing your stories: farmradio@farmradio.org

    Many greetings,
    -The Farm Radio Weekly team