3. Past FRW stories on women farmers and women’s issues

| March 8, 2010

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Following is a sample of past FRW stories looking at some of the issues facing rural women and celebrating successful women farmers and women’s groups that have overcome these challenges:

-“Uganda: Women fishers break traditions” (FRW #5, January 2008)

-“Mali: Women traders play crucial role in providing locally adapted seeds” (FRW #9, February 2008)

-“South Africa: Community gardens help women pensioners maintain their independence” (FRW #11, February 2008)

-“Burkina Faso: Women’s group finds new use for ‘green gold’” (FRW #13, March 2008)

-“Nigeria: Group advocates for women farmers’ rights” (FRW #17, April 2008)

-“Democratic Republic of the Congo: Women farmers process cassava to improve their livelihoods” (FRW #35, September 2008)

-“Uganda: Women farmers drive the economy with sunflower oil” (FRW #45, November 2008)

-“Rwanda: Women seek shared control of family assets“ (FRW #51, January 2009)

-“Cameroon: A woman agricultural engineer discusses her passion for mushrooms” (FRW #57, March 2009)

-“Swaziland: Women’s weaving co-operative gives ‘lift’ to communities” (FRW #77, August 2009)

-“Mauritius: Egg production is their path out of poverty” (FRW #86, November 2009)

-“Senegal: Rural women demand improved access to farmland” (FRW #91, December 2009)