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    | February 15, 2010

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    This week we are delighted to greet the following new FRW subscribers: Jean-Pierre Boussim, from Radio Paglayiri in Burkina Faso; Daniel Fouzong, Fozo Abongwa, Martial Gnouka Pasir, and Ambe MacMillian, all from Afrique Nouvelle FM in Cameroon; Rasid Lwasa, from Prime Radio in Uganda; and Songolo Akakandekwa, from National Agricultural Information Services in Zambia.

    This week, both of our news stories come from Kenya and highlight two important issues that may resonate with rural radio listeners in all parts of Africa. Our first story is about a landmark ruling by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, in favour of the Endorois people of Kenya’s Rift Valley. Read the story to learn how these indigenous people were marginalized for decades, and about a video that allowed their voices to be heard and their land rights restored. Our second story describes an initiative that broke down obstacles to small-scale sunflower farmers – such as access to information and markets – all with the use of SMS messages transmitted over cellular phones.

    In the Upcoming Events section, you’ll find a call for nominations to a major award for outstanding women journalists; in the Radio Resource Bank, you’ll discover an online learning tool for journalists who want to understand the connection between climate change and humanitarian emergencies.

    Finally, we offer you another chance to contribute to the 100th edition of FRW, which will be published next week. Last week, we invited you to tell us about your favourite FRW story to date. You are still welcome to do so, by e-mailing FRW Editor Heather Miller at hmiller@farmradio.org. In this week’s Farm Radio Action section, we invite you to share a favourite online resource.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team