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    | December 14, 2009

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    This week, a special welcome goes to our newest subscribers: Jean Mvondo, from Agence de Régulation des Marchés Publics (ARMP), Philippe Alexis Chengang, from E S A, and Jerson Mathieu Kendeck, from the farmers’ organization GIC CASF, all in Cameroon; Rodolphe Devaux-Yanganda, from the Office National d’Informatique in the Central African Republic; Radio Aadar FM in Mali; and Rachel Muthoni, from the agricultural research organization CIAT in Uganda. We hope you enjoy this week’s FRW, as we maintain a focus on the issue of climate change.

    Our first story comes from Copenhagen, Denmark, where the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15), as well Klimaforum, the alternative people’s summit, continue. As world leaders talk about climate change reduction, various groups are speaking on behalf of farmers, advocating for small-scale, sustainable farming practices. These practices not only reduce carbon emissions, they also improve agricultural resiliency to climatic changes.

    Our focus of climate change continues in the Radio Resource Bank, where you’ll find links to news coverage of COP15 that is particularly relevant to the African farming audience. This week’s featured “script” is an issue pack designed to help you produce local programming on the issue of climate change. And in the Farm Radio Action section, you’ll hear from other broadcasters who describe climate change programming at their radio organizations.

    This edition is packed with other great items, as well. We have a news story from Liberia, where “lead mothers” are encouraging others to change traditional child feeding practices and improve their families’ nutrition. In the Upcoming Events section, you’ll find information on two training sessions that will begin in West Africa in January. The Farm Radio Action section describes a recent media workshop co-facilitated and attended by members of Farm Radio broadcasting partners.

    Finally, please note the following change to FRW’s production schedule: next week (December 21) we will send out the last FRW of 2009. Due to staff holidays, there will be no FRW on December 28 or January 4. We will resume regular weekly publication again in the new year, beginning on January 11.

    Happy reading!
    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team