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    | April 12, 2010

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    We warmly welcome our newest subscribers, Pascal Chirhalwirwa, from Institut Panos Paris in the Central African Republic, Ser K, from the organization Staple in Kenya, and Mahmud Abubakar, from the College of Agriculture, Zuru Kebbi State, in Nigeria. We would also like to remind our readers that there is no limit to the number of Farm Radio Weekly subscriptions per organization. Please tell your colleagues about FRW. They can subscribe free of charge by visiting http://farmradio.org/english/partners/fr_weekly_subscribe.asp, and entering their contact information.

    Our first story of the week presents an interesting case of farmer-to-farmer learning. On cross-border trips, Congolese farmers noticed that Rwandan farmers have similar soil. They soon learned a practice that allows them to boost their production and their incomes. Our second story visits farmers coping with the dry, sandy soil conditions of western Namibia. We find out how they’re experimenting with a plant that grows wild in Southern Africa, and which may become the next important food crop for the region.

    In the Farm Radio Action section, we celebrate the accomplishment of Sylvie Siyam, from Farm Radio International broadcasting partner PROTEGE QV, who recently received a research fellowship to study public access to information and communication technologies. Look to the Upcoming Events section for an opportunity to apply for another award, and scroll to the Radio Resource Bank for a chance to connect with others working in community media.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team