Water is life: Collect it, or work with what you have

    | May 27, 2013

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    Welcome to issue #247 of Farm Radio Weekly. This week, we bring you stories from Burundi and Namibia, and news of land grabbing in Mozambique.

    May 22 is the annual “International Day for Biological Diversity.” In line with this year’s theme of “water and biodiversity,” our first two stories focus on water.

    From Burundi comes the story of Immaculate Mukahigiro, who realized that she could improve her access to water if she built a tank to collect rainfall. Now, she can water her gardens, feed her family and wash her clothes without having to walk to the village water source.

    Northern Namibia’s rains are unpredictable. But one farmer has figured out when the rains are likely to start, and learned to plant early to ensure that his millet receives the maximum benefit from the skies.

    Land grabbing, whether for commercial gain or conservation, is an issue which will not go away. In rural Mozambique, thousands of small-scale farmers and their families are being moved out of their homes and businesses as large companies move in to the area.

    And finally, Farm Radio International’s “Farmers and agricultural value chains” e-discussion starts on June 3. Radio broadcasters can play a vital role by helping farmers be more involved with agricultural value chains. If you’re interested in learning more, read the full announcement in the “Action” section.

    Happy reading!

    -the Farm Radio Weekly team