Warm greetings to all!

    | August 31, 2009

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    We extend a special welcome to FRW’s newest subscribers: Oscar Kossoko, from Lycée Technique Agricole in Bénin; Clémentine N’da from Mudesnat in Côte d’Ivoire; and Barry Mamoudou Ousseni from Radio Yéelen and Daouda Dembele from Radio Fanaka, both in Mali.

    We would like to remind all of our readers of the interactive component of FRW’s website (http://weekly.farmradio.org/). When you browse the website, you can click on the “post a comment” link directly below any article. This will allow you to share your thoughts with other readers. For example, Mr. Ongom Patrick Obia recently commented on a news story about a group of Ugandan women turning a good profit selling pumpkins. “I am so impressed by what this women[‘s] group (Nkokonjeru Women’s Savings and Credit Project) have initiated…this group has proved to us that when given attention, pumpkins can be good food security crop as well as household income source. Big thanks to the women[’s] group, please continue, and to the rest – farming is really a business, let us embrace it.”

    We look forward to reading your comments on this week’s news stories. First, we have a story from eastern Kenya, where farmers have been coping with unreliable rains. We learn that the farmers have been struggling to get good maize harvests, but drought resistant pigeon peas are offering hope for improved food security. Our second story comes from northern Ghana, where some farmers have embraced silk farming as an additional source of income.

    Remember to scroll down to the Upcoming Events and Radio Resource Bank sections to hear about some new opportunities for broadcasters. And for a glimpse into Farm Radio International’s history, turn to the Farm Radio Action section where you can listen to Farm Radio’s very first script, which was recorded and broadcast 30 years ago.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team