Rewards from restoration; profiting from manure

    | June 17, 2013

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    Welcome to the 250th issue of Farm Radio Weekly! In this edition, we bring you stories from Niger and Zimbabwe, and a report on the arrest of a journalist in Ethiopia.

    Mrs. Zeinabou Illa is one of a group of women who are benefitting from a Nigerien project to restore the fertility of the country’s degraded land. Once they have done the heavy work of digging trenches and planting trees, the women are rewarded with parcels of land to use for their own farming. Everyone is a winner in this story!

    In Zimbabwe, the cost of producing meat has been rising dramatically. But one resourceful fish farmer discovered, by observing wild birds, that it is possible to feed his fish with chicken manure. His fish appear to be as healthy as his profits.

    From Ethiopia, we highlight the treatment of journalist Muluken Tesfahun. He was arrested for reporting that people were returning to their homes after being illegally displaced during the construction of the huge Grand Renaissance Dam.

    We also highlight a competition for journalists who cover infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Read more in the event section.

    Check out Farm Radio International’s latest audio postcard! It is relevant to this week’s action piece:

    We are sure that there is something in this issue for everyone. Happy reading!

    -the Farm Radio Weekly team