Notes to broadcasters: Youth, ICTs and social media in agriculture

    | January 20, 2014

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    A recent News in brief story on Mkulima Young encouraged Farm Radio Weekly to follow up on their work, and bring you this story of how those who have engaged with the social media platform have found success. You can read that News in brief item here:

    Notes to broadcasters on ICTs in African agriculture was published in September 2013 (FRW #262,

    In August 2012, FRW published Notes to broadcasters on youth and farming as a business (Issue #214: and Notes to broadcasters on agricultural co-operatives and youth (Issue #212:

    Here are some recent stories from FRW on African youth in agriculture:

    Older farmer forges partnership with youth to grow profits (Issue #244, April 2013:

    Youth abandon mining to grow cassava (Issue #233, January 2013:

    Young woman farmer on road to success (Issue #214, August 2012:

    Agricultural co-operative encourages youth to stay in village (Issue #212, August 2012:

    How are young people involved in agriculture in your listening area? Are they movers and shakers at local farms and markets? Do they have issues with the financial aspects of buying or renting land to farm? Do young people think it is time for older generations to pass on family farms and herds? Are the youngest children minding the cows and goats rather than attending school? What is the future of farming in your community?

    Gather together elders and youth, extensionists and teachers, and local politicians to debate these issues, and broadcast their opinions live or as a recorded show. Many people will want to voice their opinions on a phone-in, and you are guaranteed a lively debate. Whatever you do, remember to highlight the voices of young farmers and young businesspeople.

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