Notes to broadcasters on Vetiver grass:

    | May 25, 2009

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    Careful management of soil and water are important to the success of every farming venture. Farmers who work with particularly difficult soil conditions – such as the Makombe villagers in this story – have developed local methods to prevent soil erosion and improve water retention. Some farmers may find that recent climatic changes, including the increased incidence of droughts and floods, have made soil and water management more challenging in recent years.
    -Scripts on water management:

    You may wish to prepare a feature news story on soil and water management in your area. Questions to ask include:
    -What soil and water management challenges are faced by farmers in your area?
    -Is soil and water management a larger concern in recent years due to climatic changes?
    -What techniques do farmers use to overcome these challenges?
    -What tips can farmers offer on using these techniques most effectively?
    Farm Radio International offers many scripts on soil and water management. Follow these links to look for scripts that are relevant to your audience:

    -Scripts on soil conservation: