Notes to broadcasters on traditional crops:

    | November 9, 2009

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    Several organizations work with African farmers to help revive traditional crops. For more information, please visit:
    -“Lost crops of Africa: Volume I: Grains, Volume II: Vegetables, Volume III: Fruits,” publications of the National Academies Press

    Global Facilitation Unit for Underutilized Crops, a blog about crops with untapped nutritional and economic value

    You may also consider hosting a call-in or text-in show that will get people talking about traditional crops grown and enjoyed in your area:

    -Which traditional crops are grown in your area? Is the variety or quantity of traditional crops grown greater or less than it was a few decades ago?
    -Are there traditional crops that were grown by earlier generations, but that are no longer grown? Are there wild crops that were used in the past, but not now?
    -Where do these traditional crops grow (e.g. in small family gardens, on commercial farms, in the wild)? How difficult is it to produce these traditional crops as opposed to other crops?
    -How do the traditional crops vary in taste or use from other crops? Do people in your listening audience know how they differ in nutritional value?
    -What is the difference in price between traditional and other crops in local markets? What is the difference between farmer profit margins for traditional crops and other crops?