Notes to broadcasters on chicken markets:

    | January 5, 2009

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    The profits earned by traders in the agricultural marketing system can be a source of grief for farmers. In this story, we see how farmers can work together to bypass traders and earn a better profit for their labour. Do farmers in your area work together to obtain better market prices for their products? You may wish to find a farmers’ group and prepare a news story or arrange an on-air interview which profiles the group and their marketing efforts:

    -Who are the members of the group?
    -When was the group formed? What were individual farmers’ experiences with selling their crop prior to forming the group?
    -Ask the members to describe in detail the process they use to identify markets for their crops, gather the harvest together in one place, and sell them. Did they try other methods before determining that one method worked best?
    -How much extra income do farmers earn from marketing as a group? What are the other benefits of working as a group (saving time, learning from each other, etc)?