Notes to broadcasters on access to clean water

    | December 20, 2010

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    Access to clean water is one of the foundations of all development. Without clean water, poverty is common, if not inevitable. Clean water enables communities to stay healthy, grow food, build housing, go to school or continue to work. 

    On these pages you can find global statistics, facts and further links on access to water and related topics:

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    East Africa: Countries negotiate for their fair share of Nile water

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    Water is a broad topic, with lots of opportunities to choose an issue that is relevant to your listeners. Think about a specific topic related to water that is relevant in your community. It could be the lack of maintenance at public water points, or recurring floods, or the lack of sanitation in local schools. Ask the people affected about the difficulties they face, and how they have tried to resolve the problems. Have they been able to get any help or advice? What long-term effects are likely if the issue is not resolved? Do any communities have stories of how they overcame difficulties? Can individuals make a difference, or is collective effort required?