Notes to broadcasters: Fattening livestock

    | November 18, 2013

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    Fattening livestock involves intensive feeding of animals to obtain the greatest possible quantity of high quality meat.

    Here is a breakdown of what livestock fattening requires:,+Fattening+of

    FRW has reported on cattle farming:

    Namibia cattle farmers boost income by improving animal health

    Farm Radio has produced scripts on cattle, including Keep your cattle in good condition with poultry manure:

    There are two relevant reports available from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Utilization of agricultural by-products as livestock feeds in Africa (July 1987) reports on several different methods of finishing cattle before slaughter. You can download it here:

    Towards optimal feeding of agricultural byproducts to livestock in Africa: Proceedings of a workshop held at the University of Alexandria, Egypt, October 1985 (July 1986) covers additional methods of making feed more nutritious for cattle and other animals. You can read it here:

    How do listeners in your broadcast region feed their animals before selling them for slaughter? Do they make a special effort to improve the weight and condition of the cattle, or do they sell them as necessary without “finishing”? Visit markets and farmers’ pens to see what farmers are doing. You could ask auctioneers what they think, and even visit the slaughterhouse to ask butchers. And don’t forget to talk to consumers about their preferences.