New varieties, new practices, new attitudes

    | February 4, 2013

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    Welcome to Farm Radio Weekly. This week, we bring you stories from Cameroon, Kenya and Tanzania.

    Jean Marie Tsimi, from Cameroon, has increased his cassava harvest by growing one of the new varieties released by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. The new varieties produce higher yields and are nutrition-rich.

    Our stories from East Africa talk about the effects of a long-term drought on two Maasai pastoralists. Ole Tolu Kamango, from northern Kenya, changed his lifestyle radically by adopting fish farming and planting crops. Ngaiyok Legilisho Kipainoi, from Tanzania, changed the make-up of his herd by reducing numbers, and selecting and cross-breeding stronger, more productive animals.

    This week we highlight an online resource suitable for both radio and mobile phone use. Over the past three years, SAWBO has developed more than 30 animated films on topics such as health, women’s empowerment, and agriculture. The audio component of these videos is available for download by radio broadcasters. The SAWBO team is constantly looking for volunteers to do voice-overs in new languages. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Dr. Barry Pittendrigh at:

    Finally, we are pleased to offer two scripts in Swahili via the Barza website at:


    The Farm Radio Weekly team