Livelihoods threatened as Lake Chilwa dries

    | September 22, 2012

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    While some parts of Africa are reporting floods this year, others are suffering for lack of water. Lake Chilwa in Malawi supports 70,000 families who depend on it for fish and water. But over the last two years the lake has been shrinking. Read below what effect this is having on fishers and farmers like Oscar Wemba and Yohane Chikosa and their families.

    Our second story this week is also about fishing communities who are facing new challenges. On a small island in Lake Victoria, some residents are embracing permaculture as a farming system which suits local conditions well, works with nature, and provides them with food and income.

    Finally this week, we move to Mauritania and hear about the importance of date palm. Many people depend on this interesting crop for their livelihoods. It provides food, raw material for household items, and livestock feed.

    Next week we will take a publishing break, as we are holding a writing workshop here in Arusha. You can expect the next issue of FRW to arrive approximately one week and 24 hours later than usual – most of you will see it in your inboxes on Wednesday October 10. We hope this slight delay will not affect you too greatly. In future issues, we hope to publish stories from northern Tanzania gathered during the workshop.

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team