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    | October 11, 2010

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    African Farm News in Review

    1. Burkina Faso: Farmers call for a united front against hunger (by Inoussa Maïga, for Farm Radio Weekly in Burkina Faso)

    2. Liberia: Farmers feel abandoned on World Food Day (by Jette Collins, for Farm Radio Weekly in Liberia)

    3. Rwanda: Climate change worries farmers on World Food Day (by Jean Paul Ntezimana, for Farm Radio Weekly in Rwanda)

    4. Zambia: Small-scale farmers want World Food Day to highlight their concerns (by Brian Moonga, for Farm Radio Weekly in Zambia)

    Upcoming Events

    -Share your World Food Day programs with the rest of the world

    Radio Resource Bank

    -Rumour Management Manual: a training guide

    Farm Radio Action

    -Farm radio symposium: Using radio to address emerging issues in agricultural development by Steve Kamponda and Clare Likagwa (Farm Radio Malawi)

    Farm Radio Script of the Week

    -Farmers can prepare for changing weather patterns