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    | September 13, 2010

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    African Farm News in Review

    1. Burkina Faso: Live fences reinvigorate poor soils (by Nourou-Dhine Salouka, JADE Productions, for Farm Radio Weekly in Burkina Faso)

    2. Malawi and Mozambique: Farmers cooperate across borders (IPS Terra Viva)

    3. Democratic Republic of the Congo: Villagers avoid attack by sleeping in the forest (Syfia Grands Lacs)

    4. Niger: 200,000 displaced by floods (IRIN, UN, IFRC)

    Upcoming Events

    -Thomson Reuters Foundation: Deadline for Writing and Reporting News course is 22 September 2010

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    -Reporting on controversies in science

    Farm Radio Action

    -AFRRI conducts field surveys with mobile phones

    Farm Radio Script of the Week

    -‘When it rains’: The role of trees and shrubs in preventing soil erosion