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    | August 24, 2009

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    This week, we are thrilled to welcome a total of 34 new subscribers to the FRW community! At a recent Farm Radio Symposium in Malawi, 26 individuals signed up for the news service. We welcome this increased participation from our Malawian friends, and thank Rex Chapota, National Research Coordinator for AFRRI, for helping grow our subscriber base.

    Other new subscribers come from all parts of the African continent. We welcome Ernest Agbota, an independent journalist from Benin; Jean Paul Ngoulou, from Celcom in Cameroon; Fernand O’lende, from the farmer’s organization ACDI VOCA in Cape Verde; Isaac Djagblatey, from Radio Ada in Ghana; Eugène Philippe Dramou, from Services Media Diocesain in Guinea; Privat Tiburce Massanga, from Radio Biso Na Biso in Republic of Congo; Farhia Middle, from Orkonerei Radio Service (O.R.S. FM) in Tanzania; and Yaogan Amédodji Akpadja, from the NGO Generation Amakpape in Togo.

    We have many interesting stories and opportunities to share with you this week. The first story of the week is brought to us by our newest correspondent, Prince Collins, who is based in Monrovia, Liberia. He spoke with small-scale farmers who have begun supplying rice to the World Food Programme. Find out how this initiative is improving life for the farmers, and helping school children in another part of the country. Our second story turns to Nigeria, where fishers are adopting a simple new technology to preserve their harvest.

    The Upcoming Events and Farm Radio Action sections of this week’s FRW offer several opportunities. Look to Upcoming Events for information on awards with fast-approaching deadlines. For information on how to be part of a free, online scriptwriting course, scroll to Farm Radio Action.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team