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    | September 6, 2010

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    We are very happy to welcome more new subscribers to Farm Radio Weekly this week: Aboubakar Mbohou, from Eden Radio, Marie Naha from AGRO-PME and Fritz Eyok, all in Cameroon; Rachel Awuor Adipo, from Ugunja Community Resource Centre and Festus Akalongo from Namasoli Health Centre, both in Kenya and John Jerry from ABACC RADIO, in Ghana.

    We present another story specially written for our soil health series, contributed by Sawa Pius from Uganda. He reports from a village on the slopes of Mount Elgon, in the east of Uganda. Farmers have put stone barriers in place to stop the rain washing their soils downhill.

    Our script of the week is on the same topic. Written as a mini-drama, farmers in Burkina Faso describe how they worked together to position stone barriers across their sloping farmland. We hope these resources inspire you in your programming on soil health issues.

    Our second story comes from Tanzania. Having secured external support, a community decided to rehabilitate their warehouse. They succeeded in removing one of the main constraints to selling their maize. With a new warehouse and a warehouse receipt system in place, farmers are set to increase production and can now look for buyers.

    Lastly, we bring highlights from a new report by Friends of the Earth. The report looks at how much African land has been acquired by foreign investors to plant agrofuel crops. It examines the potential effects on small-scale farmers and their livelihoods.

    We are always keen to hear from our subscribers. So if you have opinions, reactions or experiences related to these news items, please send them to us at farmradioweekly@farmradio.org and we will publish some of your messages in the coming weeks.

    This week many of our subscribers will mark the end of Ramadan, so we would like to wish them all a happy Eid ul-Fitr!

    Happy broadcasting!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team