HIV-positive people grow their own nutritious food

    | August 22, 2011

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    In times of drought or food shortage, persons living with HIV and AIDS are very susceptible. They need a good diet to stay healthy, especially if they are taking antiretroviral medicines. In our first story, we hear from two women in northern Uganda who began growing vegetables in their backyards. Their diets are improving and they are staying on their medication.

    South Sudan’s population still faces a number of obstacles in their return to the fields. Farmers near the border with Uganda fear landmines. Demining is slow and farmers on both sides of the border are understandably afraid to begin cultivation.

    We also present a story about a small, family-run radio station in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With few resources, but a lot of determination, Papa Tembo broadcasts to his community.

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    -The Farm Radio Weekly team