Fertilizer trees boost yields in Malawi

    | January 23, 2012

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    Farmers in Malawi are turning to fertilizer trees to boost yields of maize. Species such as Gliricidia sepium and Tephrosia vogelii are increasing yields by improving soil fertility and helping retain moisture in the soil. Scientists estimate that 150,000 Malawian farmers are using fertilizer tree systems.

    Our second story comes from Burundi, where residents of northeastern Kirundo province had been moving away because of difficulties accessing water. Read how a two-year-old rainwater harvesting program is bringing water back to the area – and starting to bring back the migrants. The rainwater collection systems are saving residents time, money and energy.

    A brief from Somalia reports on the decision by the International Committee for the Red Cross to suspend food aid operations in southern and central Somalia. Officials are working to quickly resume food aid to 1.1 million Somalis, but worry that, unless the blockage can be quickly resolved, the food in the blocked trucks will deteriorate.

    Our Action section features a piece from Cameroon that illustrates the value of listener feedback for radio stations. Based on listener feedback received through research conducted by Farm Radio International, CRTV Littoral has expanded its broadcasting services to cover three new language groups in the west region of Cameroon.

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