Farmers achieve success by applying experience and training

    | February 18, 2013

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    This week, Farm Radio Weekly features two stories from southern Africa and one from Nigeria.

    Mr. Kheyi Masuku worked on commercial fruit farms in Zimbabwe before the land invasions robbed him of his livelihood. He has since used the knowledge that he gained to good advantage by setting up a profitable enterprise of his own, providing fruit to the markets in Bulawayo.

    From South Africa comes the story of the Ikhwezi co-operative. Mrs. Sindisiwe Sabela helped her colleagues and her local community to profit from supplying markets, schools and hotels with vegetables.

    And in Nigeria, Susan Godwin went back to the classroom to learn new farming methods, how to add value to her products, and how to draw up a business plan to access credit. Today, her family is food secure and financially secure.

    Both women featured in this week’s stories were awarded prizes for their efforts. Our event section offers readers the chance to nominate their local heroines for the Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life.

    And finally, FRI has hit the news again! Farm Radio International’s Participatory Radio Campaign is compared with other media technologies in the UK-based Guardian newspaper. To read the full article online, please visit:

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