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Ethiopia: Farmers tend sorghum with care (Amharic)

ማሽላ በወሎ ዞኖች ዋነኛ ምርት ነው፡፡ የማህበረሰቡን ኑሮ ለማሻሻል ትልቅ ሚና እየተጫወተ ነው፡፡ በርግጥ ይህ አካባቢ የማሽላ መቀነት ተብሎ ይታወቃል፡፡ የማሽላ ምርት […]


Fall armyworm backgrounder available in Amharic and Oromife

Farm Radio International has published an extensively updated version of the Backgrounder on Fall armyworm (FAW) we originally published in October 2017. […]



Welcome to YenKasa Africa (English & French)

Welcome to YenKasa Africa, a multi-partner initiative to promote participatory communication and to foster cooperation in the field of communication for development […]