Greetings to all!

    | February 2, 2009

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    We are pleased to welcome this week’s new subscribers: from Côte d’Ivoire, Diarra Zoumana of Radio Tropic 1; from Kenya, Simon Mulwa of Tropical Bee Keepers and Lydia Iminza of Shinyalu Tele Centre; from Nigeria, Muhammad Ibrahim of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria Kaduna; and from Tanzania, Margaret Kingamkono of the African Farm Radio Research Initiative.

    We invite all of our readers to discuss issues of the day in the comments section of our news stories. (To see the latest comments, scroll down the left-hand side of the FRW webpage at: This week, a discussion continues about Qatar’s plans to lease Kenyan farmland. We are undertaking more research on the subject of large land leases, and would love to know your thoughts!

    In this week’s Farm Radio Action section, you’ll find another request for your input. We are interested in hearing your advice to other broadcasters who are just starting their careers. We will collect the combined wisdom of our FRW community to share in a future edition.

    In this week’s news, we have a story of local innovation, and a story on the value of local breeds. From Nigeria, we share news of an agricultural lecturer who discovered a way to turn crop waste into animal feed after witnessing goats grazing at a dump. And from Rwanda, we hear from farmers who say they’re sticking with indigenous cattle, despite the government’s promotion of imported breeds.

    You’ll find this and more – including Part 6 of our guide Steps for story-based farm radio programming and another script that reminds us that perhaps every year should be the “Year of the Potato” – in this week’s FRW.

    Happy reading!

    -The Farm Radio Weekly Team