Women face many challenges after conflict

| April 2, 2018

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In this week’s Farmer story from DRC, we highlight women who are trying to recover from the trauma of rape during armed conflicts, followed by abandonment.

Our Script of the week talks about the emotional costs of the various kinds of traumatic experiences women suffer during conflicts, and offers some guidelines for addressing them.

Pain, stress, and confusion are common emotions experienced by many people as a result of conflict or emergency situations. This script is designed to encourage discussion about these feelings. It includes a radio-drama style discussion among three village women, a testimonial from a relief worker, and another from a man who returned home after the war. You could broadcast these individually as short dramas, or together in a longer program.

As a broadcaster, there are other ways to help people in your community, and especially women, deal with emotions during or after conflict:

1. Reinforce the idea that the feelings people are experiencing are normal. When you interview local people, include questions that invite them to talk about their own life and family. However, leave discussion of traumatic events to professional counsellors.
2. Promote community events and encourage them to attend. It is more difficult for people to deal with complex emotions when they are isolated. Support efforts to bring people together.
3. Create special programming for women. This can take many forms—group discussions, interviews, or radio dramas. Invite women to call the radio station if they need help from the community. For example, a woman might be looking for lost relatives, or need help with child care or chores.