Women, credit, and the trusted friend approach

| October 25, 2021

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Two of this edition’s Farmer stories address women’s challenges saving money and accessing credit so that they can grow their farming businesses. Women often face unique challenges when it comes to finances. Here are three scripts that explain micro-credit programs, which is similar to the third type of group described in our story from Burkina Faso.

In our interview script “Women and Credit – Part 1: Women Learn About Credit,” a host interviews two women farmers about the challenges they face accessing credit and explains micro-credit. Micro-credit programs lend small amounts of money, and offer lower interest payments than most banks. Micro-credit programs often lend to a small group, and the group members hold each other accountable for repaying the loan.

Read the script here: http://scripts.farmradio.fm/radio-resource-packs/package-57-women-are-key-to-rural-development/women-and-credit-part-1-women-learn-about-credit/ 

This system of group loans is sometimes called the “trusted friend” approach and is explained in our second script, “Co-operatives introduce the ‘Trusted friend’ approach to microfinance in northern Ghana: A sure way to fight poverty and hunger.” In this script, broadcaster Lydia Ajono talks to some ”Trusted friend” co-operative groups. She explores the viability of their commercial activities and shows how the groups have helped members to feed their families and pay for their children’s school fees.

Read the script here: http://scripts.farmradio.fm/radio-resource-packs/package-94-african-farm-radio-research-initiative-afrri/co-operatives-introduce-the-trusted-friend-approach-to-microfinance-in-northern-ghana-a-sure-way-to-fight-poverty-and-hunger/

This third script is a mini-drama exploring the challenges youth face accessing finance for their businesses, and how group lending can support them. Youth often face similar challenges as women when accessing credit, as they often don’t have collateral for loans. But by saving together and supporting each other, they can start their own businesses. 

Read the script here: http://scripts.farmradio.fm/radio-resource-packs/package-59-radio-in-support-of-rural-youth/youth-credit-supports-youth-business/